• Theory and practical training and assessments covered by ‘in-centre’ plus ‘on the job’ training to provide work based evidence under the supervision of a Gas Safe registered engineer.
  • In-centre tuition is trainee-centred & is available daily, by arrangement, with attendance being flexible.
  • On successful completion of the training, portfolio and assessments a BPEC Gas Foundation certificate is issued which provides MLP entry to ACS assessments (eg CCN1, CENWAT).
  • BPEC portfolio & 1st Class Gas training manuals are provided
    CCN1 (core domestic gas safety)
    CENWAT (domestic gas central heating & water heaters)
    CKR1 (domestic gas cooking appliances)
    CMDDA1 (investigation of fumes)
    CPA1 (combustion performance analysis)
    DAH1 (domestic gas ducted air heaters)
    HTR1 (domestic gas fires & wall heaters)
    MET1 (domestic gas meters)
    BMP1 (Gas boosters medium pressure)
    CDGA1 (commercial direct fired heating appliances)
    CIGA1 (commercial indirect fired heating appliances)
    COCN1 (commercial heating core)
    COCNPI1 LS (limited scope pipe installer core)
    CoDNC01 (domestic to commercial heating changeover)
    CORT1 (commercial overhead radiant tube/plaque heaters)
    ICAE1 LS (limited scope first fix appliance installation)
    ICPN1 (pipe installation)
    ICPN1 LS (limited scope pipe installation)
    TPCP1 (testing & purging volume > 1 m3
    TPCP1A (testinq & purqinq volume < 1m3
    CCCN1 (commercial catering core)
    COCATA1 (changeover from domestic to commercial catering appliances - as per COMCAT 1 & 3)
    CoDC1 (changeover catering core)
    COMCAT1 (commercial catering appliances group1)
    COMCAT3 (commercial catering appliances group 3)
    CONGLP1 (changeover from natural gas to LPG)
    -CMC (mobile catering units)
    -LAV (leisure accommodation vehicles (e.g. mobile caravans))
    -PD (permanent dwellings)
    -RPH (residential park homes)
    -B (boats)
    HTRLP2 (closed flue LPG fires)
    CESP1 (core emergency service providers - natural gas)
    CMA1 ( core gas safety for meter installers)
    CMA2 LS (core gas safety for meter installers - limited scope)
    EFJLP1 (electro-fusion jointing of polyethylene pipework)
    MET3 LS (new fix of primary gas meters to 6m/h NG limited scope)
    MET4 (primary diaphragm meters up to 40m3)

ACS TRAINING/ASSESSMENT (training is not a pre-requisite to assessments) is available for both initial & re-assessment. 

Initial assessments are for:

  • Candidates who are experienced gas-fitting operatives who hold ACS, S/NVQ or City & Guilds qualifications that have expired.
  • MLP candidates are new entrants to the industry who have completed an MLP foundation course

Re-assessment can be taken up to 6 months prior to the expiry date without losing out (like a car MOT) & is for candidates who have previously held the element and the expiry date is within 12 months of the proposed re-assessment date. If it’s more than 12 months then initial assessment would have to be done. 

BPEC Level 3 Award in Gas Safety Awareness for Supervisors and Managers.ABERDEENGLENROTHES
Course Ref. OFQUAL 601/8215/5
  • Designed for learners 16 years and over who are involved in the management/supervision of gas operatives, or inspecting the work undertaken.
  • The purpose is to give learners an understanding of the legislation of gas safety as well as knowledge of the principles of the distribution and combustion, including the requirements for gas meters
  • This qualification is not a license to practise.